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This page is meant as guidance for you, who have considered having a brazilian wax done, but doesn't quite know if you dare and might be afraid to choose the wrong place for the treatment.
Here you will get honest information about the treatment, and should you have further questions then feel free to give us a call.
But first take your time to read the page.

What is brazilian waxing?
What is a good brazilian waxing like?
Where can you have it done?
What does it take to do a brazilian waxing?
Our cosmetologists
Why choose us?
Your brazilian

Strip waxing or hard wax?

Waxing at DermaBelle can be done either as strip waxing or with hard wax.

Strip waxing

Strip waxing is probably the methode, which most people associate with waxing. The wax is applied and then removed by a strip of paper placed on top. For stip waxing we mostly use hygenic 100% pure bees wax. Strip waxing is quick and easy if you want things over with fast end efficently.

Hard wax

Despite the name hard wax is not hard, and maybe naming it soft wax would be more apt. After the wax is applied it is left to cool on the skin, untill its constistence is soft and rubbery. It is then pulled off together with any unwanted hairs. This methode of waxing takes longer and thus costs more. It is however gentler to the skin. If you have never tried waxing before and is nervous to try, then this could be the way to get started without having to fear pain or discomfort. For hard waxing we use solely quality wax, which soothes the skin and reduces reddishness.

What is brazilian waxing?

Brazilian wax is removal of all genital hair with wax.
As hygiene and personal body care has gained increased focus in recent years the popularity of brazilian waxing has increased vastly. Today many enjoy the pleasant, smooth, clean feeling of being completely bare.

What is a good brazilian waxing like?

First. How do you know that you have chosen right place for you brazilian wax? A brazilian waxing done correctly by a trained therapist takes short time. Typically less than 15 including removal of ingrown hair by tweezers. If it takes longer it will often be because the treatment is done incorrectly, and you will be in for not only a prolonged pain but also a poor result.
Of cause this doesn't mean that a treatment is good just because it is quick. But it is a good rule of thumb.
And during a correctly done treatment waxing is naturally not done twice in the same place.

If you are one of the many, who have only tried an hour long painful experience with a poor result, then there is only one thing to say. You have been unlucky with your choice of cosmetologist, because this is definitely NOT how a brazilian waxing is supposed to be.

Where can you have it done?

The fast increase in interest for brazilian wax means, that a lot of clinics have started to offer the treatment almost overnight. It is however obvious, that experience and professional expertise is not something that is gained suddenly, and the treatments offered are thus of very varying quality All are however offering "the best brazilian in town".
A good advice is thus to ask the clinic, for how long the clinic and the individual therapists have been doing brazilian wax. Another thing you can do is ofcause to seek the advice of friends with experience. Also discussion fora on the internet can be a good place to seek advice. As long as you pay attention to the fact, that such fora are also misused to place phony reviews, both positive and negative.

What does it take to do a brazilian waxing?

When reading advertising from some clinics you could get the impression, that the important thing is usage of some new clever type of wax.
What matters is however the skill of the cosmetologist. The kind of skill that comes from being trained by a teacher, who is an expert in waxing, and from many, many hours of practice.
Waxing may look easy, but looks are deceiving. An inferior cosmetologist can easily ruin your skin, whilst your hairs are merely snapped and not removed. And the in the genital area your skin is extra sensitive and varied and thus difficult.

Our cosmetologists

With her oriental background Diana has her basis in a culture, where waxing (inclusive brazilian) is part of a millennium old and still living tradition for personal hygiene. Diana has thus performed brazilian waxing since an age of 12 and has today experience for many, many thousands of treatments.

Only after finishing cosmetology education, a through training by Diana in waxing and a half year training in brazilian our cosmetologits are allowed to perform the treatment on their own. And they do it to perfection.

Why choose us?

We think that you should choose to have your brazilian done at DermaBelle because we actually have a real expertise in this area. It might not be impossible that you can have it done equally god elsewhere, but you can have it done better. That we actually dare to state as a fact.

And you should also choose us because you at DermaBelle will experience, that it's not something weird, secretive, kinky which you need to be shy about. Brazilian waxing is a normal part of personal hygiene, and that is who we treat it at DermaBelle skincare, - and with high spirit and a smile.

Your brazilian

Prior to your brazilian the hair must be trimmed to a length of approximately 1 cm, - better a little too long than too short. If the hair is too long or too short the treatment cannot be carried out, and we have to charge a fee for the allocated time.

In the cabin you will undress and be given a hygienic wet-wipe for a last personal cleaning prior to the treatment. When ready the waxing takes a maximum of 5 minutes, followed by removal of ingrown hair by use of a sterile lancet and removal of remaining wax with oil. Subsequently a cooling and calming gel which eliminates reddishness and closes the pores is applied.
During the treatment you will be laying down in order to obtain the best result, and you do not need to assist in any way by stretching the skin or the like. For the treatment hygienic 100% beeswax is used.

You need to bring a pair of cotton underwear to wear after the treatment, and it's best not to wear too tight jeans.
We recommend that you get the calming prolagen gel and one of our pure plant based Decléor peeling creams to help keep the area free from ingrown hair.
As the area is sensitive a slight reddishness can occur the first day, but it will quickly fade away. It is best to avoid sex until the reddishness is gone.

And then you just have to get out there and enjoy the clean bare feeling.
The treatment should be repeated approximately every fourth week.
We hope to see you.

Our price for brazilian wax is 450 kr if normal hair growth. However only 400,- if done regularly every 4. week. (students get a 15% discount).

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