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The products from Decléor are unique by being based on 100% aromatic plant essences. This makes Decléor the purest and deepest acting product in the market.

  • Efficient on all types of skin and skin disorders.
  • The plant essences have an effect deep in the skin and normalises the skin.
  • 100% pure plant aromatic products.
  • Relaxing and soothing despite the effective in depth effect.
  • No artificial preservatives are used. The essences act as natural preservatives.
  • No artificial fragrances are used. Only wonderful pure plant fragrances from the essences.
  • Is recommended by professional dermatologists all over the world.
  • Not tested on animals.

With penetrating plant hormones

Decléor is naturally produced from active plant ingredients from specially selected plants and herbs and contains a high concentration of aromatic essences. This sets Decléor fundamentally apart from any other product.

The aromatic essences are found in very small amounts in the plants encapsulated in special cells. These "plant hormones" are vastly more efficient than usual plant extracts, as the molecules of the essences are so small, that they penetrates the skin and acts directly in the heart of the skin.

Developed through intensive research

The use of aromatic plant essences has a long history in the Orient, e.g. in traditional Chinese medicine. Through many years of research the Decléor laboratories in Paris have found the optimal combinations of plants for different types of skin-and bodycare. This knowledge is widely recognised and has won Decléor several international awards.