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Take your friend for her first application and get 50% discount on a 30 min refill.

Eyelash extensions with single hairs for only 895 kr is the ideal way to fulfil the dream of beautiful long and full eye lashes.
You'll get lashes with a totally natural look, which feels and looks like your own. The only difference being the perfect length and fullness... and that you will have no more hassle with mascara and artificial eye lashes.


Refill normal, 3o min.Kr.445,-
Refill normal, 30 min., voucher for 5 timesKr.1725,-(345 kr for each refill)
Refill 45 min.Kr.595,-
Refill 45 min., voucher for 5 timesKr.2450,-(490 kr for each refill)
Refill 6o min.Kr.720,-
Refill 60 min., voucher for 5 timesKr.13050,-(610 kr for each refill)
Removal of eyelash extensionsKr.250,-(200 kr in connection with application)

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are single hair strands that are glued to your own eyelashes one hair at the time with a durable and safe special adhesive. Of cause using the length and colour of your choice.
This gives you a totally natural look, and you will experience the joy of every morning waking up with dream lashes that takes neither care nor mascara to make your eyes look perfectly beautiful.

So many choices...

You need to make as many as five different choices when you are having eyelash extensions done.

  • Length
  • Thickness
  • Colour
  • Curve shape
  • Material


Eyelash extensions can be had in lengths from just 6 mm till extravagant 15 mm. What suits you best is a question of personal taste, shape of eyes, how the eyes are set in the face and shape of face.
9-12 mm is preferred by most people. To achieve the best look different lenghts are used at outer corner of the eye, mid section and innner corner, with the longest lashes at the outer corner.


The thickness of eyelash extensions goes all the way from fine with a thichness of 0,1 mm till extra thick with a thichness of 0,25 mm.
Of cause the extensions are thinner at the end just like your own lashes. A thickness of 0,15 mm is suitable for most people.


The wast majority choose black extensions, although some prefer brown. Extensions are however also available in far more excotic colours... this is something that we normally would have to order especially for you.

Curve shape

The curve shape is designated by a letter. The most used shapes are J and B, which both have a moderate, natural curve. B are straight at the base with a curl at the end, whereas J are curved over the entire length. There do however also exist the more curved C extensions and the extreme D.


Extensions are normally made from a plastic material. Is is however also possible to get extensions made from rinsed, shaped mink hair. Choice of length, shape and colour is much more limited with mink hair, and this is something we you have to order especially for you.
But what is faux mink then? Well, faux means fake in French. So faux mink is just a very posh way of saying plastic. At DermaBelle we are fine with just calling it plastic.

As can be seen, you can have extra thick, 25 mm long extensions in neon green with extreme curve. Most people however is better-off going for something a bit more mundane :-)
To preserve the beautiful look of your new lashes you will need a touch-up refill every 2-3 weeks. If you try to extend this interval a new application will become necessary.

Prior to application

There are a few of things you need to take care of prior to application.

  • Remove mascara and makeup before coming, or at least 15 minutes prior to application
  • There should be no remains of makeup remover on your lashes as this reduces durability.

Application of your eyelash extensions

If this is your first time to get eyelash extensions, we will guide you with regard to options for length, curve shape, thickness and colour and what to choose for the best look considering shape of eyes, how the eyes are set in the face, shape of face and of cause your personal taste and whishes for the result.

During the application of your eyelash extensions you will be laying down and the application in it self is very relaxed. The relaxed mood is enhanced by the fact that you can't talk during application, as it is importaint that your face and thus your eyes are perfectly still, and consequently many of our clients almost naps off during the treatment.
Eyelash extensions are of cause only applied to your upper lashes, as application to the lower lashes would look very artificial. Prior to the application your lower lashes are thus protected by a moisturizing and nourishing eye-patch. In this way the application is also a refreshing treatment for the sensitive skin around your eyes.

Application is done one hair at the time, and it is critical to the result and durability which adhesive is used. After many trials we have found a South Korean adhesive, which offers a good combination of a beautiful and durable result, and at the same time is mild and doesn't irritated the eyes with odours during application.

Caring for your eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions have high durability. There are however a couple of things to take into consideration in order to get maximal pleasure from your beautiful new lashes.

  • No bathing, solarium or sauna in the first 8 hours after application.
  • Long hot baths can reduce durability.
  • Pad your eyes after bathing. A towel in the face is sure to quickly remove your lashes.
  • Mascara can be used but is not necessary and will reduce durability. Water proof mascara will reduce durability markedly.
  • Be careful when removing makeup and mascara.
  • Many people needs time to get used to have long lashes and will thus rub their eyes during sleep. Focusing attention on this can alleviate the problem, making your lash extensions last longer.
  • Avoid laying face down when sleeping, as this may cause your lash extensions to break.
  • Should you want to remove the lashes the best and most gentle way to do it yourself is with oil Fist place oil soaked cotton on the lashes for half an hour and then gentle rub them between your oiled fingertips untill they come off. Any oil can be used.

Also consider, that as 10 % of your own lashes are renewed every month, it is normal that some of the lashes with extensions attached will fall of.
Durability is also affected by the fact that the amount of grease excreted by the skin varies from person to person. As grease and oil dissolves the glue durability will vary from person to person.

Removal of eyelash extensions

You might want to remove your eyelash extensions. Maybe you haven't had the necessary time to get refills and have so few extensions left, that your lashes are starting to look a bit ragged.
The adhesive used is however formulated especially to be as durable as possible, and it is thus not an easy thing to remove eyelash extensions. In our experience the special adhesive removers available doesn't give a good result and can be quite hard on your own lashes end eyes.
Consequently we recommend as the best and most gentle way that you remove the lashes yourself using oil. Fist place oil soaked cotton on the lashes for half an hour and then gentle rub them between your oiled fingertips untill the extensions come off...maybe while relaxing in front of the TV. Any oil can be used.