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 Diamond peeling
 Make-up, brows/lashes
 Eyelash extensions
 Body treatments
 Decléor body wraps
 Beauty days
 Tooth whitening
 Ultralipo body toning

Peeling and moisturizing maskca 30 min
The top layers of dead skin cells are removed and the blood circulation enhanced, allowing new moisture to penetrate your skin deeply. Enjoy a new silky soft skin.
- Decléor peeling
- Shower
- Light massage with moisturizing body mask
Price425,- kr

Firming treatment
Efficient treatment in places where your skin need renewed elasticity, e.g. following a weight loss or after a pregnancy. Stretch marks will be visibly improved. Or if you want to prevent loss of elasticity.
Price, Buste, stomach or arms, ca 45 min585,- kr
Series of 5 treatments 2700,- kr
Series of 10 treatments 5200,- kr
Price, Thighs + buttocks, ca 60 min 645,- kr
Series of 5 treatments 2950,- kr
Series of 10 treatments 5750,- kr

Cellulite treatmentca 1 h
A treatment that stimulates the break down of fat and the secretion of water, and at the same time increases elasticity through the activation of production of fibrous tissue. Algae extracts augment the slimming effect.
- Peeling of thighs and hips
- Local cellulite massage
- Circulation enhancing gel
- Wrapping af legs in special mask
- Cellulite body cream
Price645,- kr
Series of 5 treatments 2950,- kr
Series of 10 treatments 5750,- kr

Perfect legs (Circulation)ca 45 min
For everyone with problems of swollen, tired or heavy legs. This treatment intensifies circulation and at the same time increases your well being. The veins are strengthened and both blood and lymphoid circulation is increased, making your legs feel lighter and without fluid accumulation.
- Aromatic cleansing of legs and feet
- Peeling of legs and feet
- Massage with Aromessence balm
- Circulation gel
- Circulation enhancing mask
- Cold wrapping of legs
- Digitopressure foot massage
- Circulation cream
Price495,- kr

Depth cleansing of backca 1 h
The skin you don't see or can't reach yourself. Leaves a wonderful and well cared for skin.
- Cleansing
- Peeling
- Aromatic steam
- Depth cleansing
- Relaxing back massage
- Mask
- cream
Price555,- kr

Pregnancy specialca 1 h
Prevents and lessens pregnancy induced problems with skin elasticity and stretch marks. Additionally inhibits circulation problems and fluid accumulation. Just the right cure every two weeks during the 3-8 month of your pregnancy.
Price, 1 treatment595,- kr