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Please remove nail polish prior to your manicure, in order that we are able to provide the best possible treatment.
We always make use the professional quality products from OPI for all manicures.
That is of cause also true when it comes to nail polish.

Which kind of polish to choose?

When having nail polish done, DermaBelle offers you the choice between the two different types of quality nail polish available from OPI.
As the color pigment in both types of nail polish is exactly the same, you will get excately the same colour that you are used to from traditional OPI nail polish. This also means, that it is no problem using the nail polish you have at home for minor touch ups, no matter the type of nail polish used.

OPI traditional nail polish

The traditional beautiful, durable
OPI nail polish that you know
and use at home.

OPI gelcolor

Stays beautiful for weeks. Instantly dry.
OPI gelcolor is hardened by LED light and stays beautiful for weeks. Really good when you want to keep the same colour for a longer periode.
OPI gelcolor is instantly dry, so no need to worry about ruining your new nails.
OPI gelcolour is regrettably not available for home use. You can however use regular OPI polish for touch up, as the colours are completely identical.

Due to its attractice qualities the use of gel polish is on the rise, although it is often marketed under quite misleading names.

Spa manicureca 1 h 30 min
A pampering manicure treatment that relaxes the hands and lets you enjoy a total luxurious care. You will leave with us with wonderful hands and nails.
- Aromatic luxury hand bath
- Luxury hand peeling
- Fixing of nail cuticle
- Polishing and filing of nail plate
- Hand massage
- Peach paraffin wax hand mask
With regular nail polish695,- kr
With French nails 795,- kr
With gel nail polish 745,- kr
With gel French nails 845,- kr

Regular manicureca 1 h
To preserve beautiful hands and nails you owe yourself a regular, professional, wonderful care.
- Hand bath
- Fixing of nail cuticle
- Polishing and filing of nail plate
- Hand massage465,- kr
Without nail polish With regular nail polish 545,- kr
With French nails 645,- kr
With gel nail polish 595,- kr
With gel French nails 695,- kr

Quick manicureca 20 min
Being busy doesn't mean that you hands and nails can't be beautiful.
- Nail cuticle is softened with nourishing oils
- Nail cuticle is pushed back
- Polishing and filing of nail plate
- Light hand massage
Price300,- kr

Nail polishca 30 min
Nail polish of your choice is applied. Subsequently nursing cuticle oil is applied.
Beautiful nail polish, clear195,- kr
Beautiful nail polish, colour 295,- kr
Beautiful gel nail polish 395,- kr

French nailsca 30 min
A light a nail polish is applied and finished with a white band of nail polish on the tip of the nails. Sealed with clear nail polish. Subsequently nursing cuticle oil is applied.
Beautiful French nails395,- kr
Beautiful French nails, gel nail polis 495,- kr

Gel nail polish removalca 20 min
In case you don't want to buy a removal kit and do it at home, then we are happy to help you gently remove your gel polish. And as a bonus you get the removal at a special price if you are having a new gel nail polish done.
Alone195,- kr
In connection with new gel nail polish 150,- kr

Manicure for menca 45 min
Also as a man well cared for hands are an important part of the impression you give off. And on top the hand treatment in itself is a wonderful experience.
- Aromatic luxury hand bath
- Fixing of nail cuticle
- Polishing and filing of nail plate
- Hand massage
Price465,- kr

Peach paraffin wax hand mask
Has a amazingly good effect if you suffer from problems with dry skin or even rheumatism. Also chapped, dried out skin will experience an instant improvement when you care for your hands in this wonderful way.
Can be ordered together with all facial-and body treatments.
Price100,- kr

AHA fruit acid hand treatmentca 30 min
MD-formulations patented and documented efficient special treatments gives you a fantastic effect on skin problems like harm caused by the sun, dryness, pigmentation spots, fine lines and scars.
Price425,- kr