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 Diamond peeling
 Make-up, brows/lashes
 Eyelash extensions
 Body treatments
 Decléor body wraps
 Beauty days
 Tooth whitening
 Ultralipo body toning

Body peeling and showerca 20 min
Wonderful preparation prior to your massage. Is recommended with all body massages.
Price285,- kr

Japanese aroma massage
Massage based on traditional Asiatic knowledge of body energies. With special press technique and stretching for loosening up. Efficient in dealing with physical and psychological stress, such as tension, sleeplessness and migraine.
Entire body, 50 min495,- kr
Only back side, 25 min 325,- kr

Intense massage
Massage focused on loosen up tense muscles. Inclusive heat application.
Duration, 60 min595,- kr
Duration, 30 min 395,- kr

Classical aroma massage
Classical massage with pure aroma essences that relaxes and removes tension for the entire body.
Entire body, 50 min incl heat application495,- kr
Only back side, 25 min incl heat application 325,- kr

Renovateur, hot stone massageca 1 h
The optimal anti-stress treatment to restore your energy and the glow of your skin. Enjoy both the relaxing, aroma therapeutic, anti-ageing effect of the CARITA products and the incredibly unwinding effect of the unique hot lava stone massage.
Price695,- kr

Manual lymph massage, bodyca 35 min
A professionally done manual lymph massage has a highly efficient draining effect on any form of fluid accumulation. Gives an incredibly good and immediate reliving result in case of e.g. swollen legs or pregnancy. Also efficient in case of deficient sweat secretion.
Recommended as a series of 6 treatments during a period of 4 weeks.
1 treatment495,- kr
Series of 6 treatments 2495,- kr

Manual lymph massage, faceca 25 min
With a professionally done manual lymph massage of your face you will get an immediate natural lifting effect. Instantaneous forceful effect on both looks and well being.
Manual lymph massage is an important preparation and post treatment for cosmetic surgery. Recommended as a series of 6 treatments during a period of 4 weeks.
1 treatment325,- kr
Series of 6 treatments 1645,- kr