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Threading and shaping of eyebrows

One of the areas where threading really shines is in shaping of eyebrows. With threading it is possible to shape the conture of the brow more precisely than with any other methode and get a razor sharp definition of the brow.
That even very short hairs are removed by threading contributes to the perfect look, as the area around the brow will be completely hairfree without a shadow like effect from new hairs.

Hair removal using threading

At DermaBelle we master the gentle, manual method of threading for hair removal to perfection, as our experience with the method comes from the skill, which women in the Orientt are taught in detail already from childhood.
This natural and elegant, millenia old technique is especially suited if your skin is delicate.
Quick jerking movements of the twisted thread across the skin removes the hairs efficiently and without pain, by pulling the hair follicle from the skin. At the same time the movement of the thread across the skin acts as a gentle but very efficacious massage, which stimulates and revitalizes your skin. And in contrast to waxing this method can be used even on very short hair, which still haven't fully regrown.
Wonderful smooth skin and at the same time a touch of millennia of feminine beauty traditions. You are welcome whether you are already familiar with the efficiency of this method, or whether you are curious to experience how efficient, simple and natural hair removal can be.
This method can be used on all areas and of course also on men.


Upper lipKr.150,-
Upper lip + chinKr.260,-
Entire faceKr.395,-
Entire face + neckKr.545,-