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hænder At Dermabelle you will find, that focus is on you, your health and personal expression and your well being.
We don't want to change you or turn you into someone else. At DermaBelle the focus is on unwinding, health and well being in addition to a well cared for look.

At DermaBelle we also know, that without extensive knowledge and competence we will not be able to provide you with what we want, - that is the best in individual care and relaxing well being. That's also why you will encounter the highest level of dermatological education at DermaBelle.

At DermaBelle we are not content with empty buzzwords about holism and body energies. Instead we represent extensive theoretical knowledge and professional skill combined with real interest in how to help you best.

A visit at DermaBelle is pampering care for both body and mind.

Professional proficiency that matters

CIDESCO logo The basis for a beautiful look is first and foremost healthy skin. Modern professional skincare is not about superficial, fleeting effect. These days skincare is a science with efficient products and treatments that noticeably restore your skin and change even its deep layers.

Your skin is a complex living organ, that every day is subjected to countless actions from the indoor climate, weather, stress, pollution and numerous other factors.

Making use of modern effective skincare methods thus demands great professional proficiency. At DermaBelle you are certain to find this proficiency. We make use of the CIDESCO education in beauty therapy, which through several years of dermatological studies provides a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology.
The CIDESCO diploma is recognised worldwide as the most prestigious qualification in the field of aesthetics and beauty therapy.

As a consequence we have the knowledge it takes to put together the treatment, that's exactly right for the special needs of your skin.

We know that your skin is just as special as you are, and we know how, in cooperation with you, to create a beautiful, healthy vital skin.

We know that you are special

ansigt No two people are alike, and neither are their needs when it comes to skin-and bodycare.

The needs of your skin are just as special and individual as you are. That's why we use our dermatological expertise to put together at treatment that is wholly adapted to the special needs of you and your skin.

But, more than that. We offer precisely the treatment the gives you the most well being and balance.
We don't want to change you or make you into someone else. Because we know, that beauty is about being happy with yourself, showing your personality and being in balance.

There is only one you. Together we'll find the beautiful look that express your personality.

Relaxing pampering

levende lys DermaBelle is more than just skin-and bodycare. We are also your place for well being and unwinding. A place for you to relax, reflect and recharge.

It's not only your look that needs care. Showing your personality is also an important aspect of your beauty, and without inner balance and calm your personality can't shine.

Thus a treatment at DermaBelle is also care and pampering of your mind. Your enjoyment is as important as the effectiveness of the treatment.

We want your treatment to be a wonderful space of balanced well being in your day.