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At Dermabelle our experience with waxing comes from the skill, which women in the Orient are taught in detail already from from childhood, and which in these parts of the world is a millennia old tradition. It is thus no wonder, that we are experts when it comes to waxing, at that we do waxing much more thoroughly, - wihtout broken hairs, and with ingrown hair removed by use of a sterile lancet. Also inflamed hairs are removed and fixed if any.
All waxing include massage with cooling and soothing Prolagen gel, which eliminates reddishness and closes the pores.

Strip waxing or hard wax?

Waxing at DermaBelle can be done either as strip waxing or with hard wax.

Strip waxing

Strip waxing is probably the methode, which most people associate with waxing. The wax is applied and then removed by a strip of paper placed on top. For stip waxing we mostly use hygenic 100% pure bees wax. Strip waxing is quick and easy if you want things over with fast end efficently.

Hard wax

Despite the name hard wax is not hard, and maybe naming it soft wax would be more apt. After the wax is applied it is left to cool on the skin, untill its constistence is soft and rubbery. It is then pulled off together with any unwanted hairs. This methode of waxing takes longer and thus costs more. It is however gentler to the skin. If you have never tried waxing before and is nervous to try, then this could be the way to get started without having to fear pain or discomfort. For hard waxing we use solely quality wax, which soothes the skin and reduces reddishness.

Used wax types

We do not advertise with using only a certain brand of wax. The reason for this is, that it's the skill of the person doing the waxing that decides the quality of the waxing, and not the brand of wax used. Apart from that the various brands and types of wax each have their own advantages and disadvantages, which also means that the not all our staff use the same type of wax for the same treatment. Each have their own preferences. We will thus always select the type of wax thats right for precisely your treatment. We can e.g. always find a wax type without any resin if you are sensitive to this.


Do not shave two weeks prior to waxing, as this will cause the hair to be too short for waxing.
Prior to brazilian/tanga/bikini please trim the hair to a length of approximately 1 cm to obtain the best result, - better a little too long than too short. If the hair is too long or too short we will not be able to do the treatment.
If the treatment cannot be performed due to inadequate hair length due to shaving, we will have to charge a fee of 50 % of the price of the treatment.


Strip voks (der gives 15% studierabat)
From knee and down + feetKr.345,-
Entire legs + feetKr.485,-
Entire legs + feet + bikini line/tangaKr.665,-
Bikini line/TangaKr.295,-
Brazilian, incl. anus, normal hair growth (women only)Kr.450,-(only 400,- if done regularly every 4. week)
Anus (women only)Kr.155,-
Upper lipKr.105,-
Upper lip + chinKr.155,-
Back/loin incl. shoulders (normal hair growth)Kr.395,-
Belly (normal hair growth)Kr.185,-
Chest (normal hair growth)Kr.195,-
Shoulders or loinKr.185,-
Hard wax
Bikini lineKr.275,-
Brazilian, incl. anus, normal hair growth (women only)Kr.545,-
Anus (kun kvinder)Kr.195,-
Upper lipKr.150,-
Upper lip + chinKr.225,-