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The most experienced with waxing and threading
Siddende kvinde i hvidt undertøj At Dermabelle we have our views when it comes to depilation!

We know, that some of our colleagues say, that experience matters when it comes to depilation... and that this goes for both waxing and threading. And that really pleases us to hear, as we have more then 25 years of experience with both, and thus are the most experinced in Denmark.
We do however not believe, that experience does it alone. Experience does not mean much, if you haven't been thought be experts in the field.

At DermaBelle we have our knowledge of both waxing and threading directly from the skill, which women from the orient are thought thoroughly right from childhood, and which in that region is a millennia old tradition. It is thus not strange, that we are experts in the field and that it is something, which we take very serious.
Unlike others we do not expect that a cosmetologist can do waxing and is ready to perform treatments, just because she has had it taught at a school for skin theraphists. On the contrary our assumption is, that a cosmetologist has got lots to learn when it comes to waxing in order to do treatments to the standard we expect. No cosmetologists at DermaBelle are thus alloved to perform waxing untill they have received an extensive and thorough instruction at DermaBelle in waxing, and have shown that they master it.

We hope that you will experince that this approach benefits you.